DV quoteIntimate partner violence (IPV) or, domestic violence as it’s often called, is a pattern of domination in which perpetrators intentionally choose to cause fear, injury, and/or pain to maintain power and control over their current or former intimate partners. IPV can occur between married or unmarried couples, teens or adults. In addition to physical violence, abuse can be sexual, emotional, economic, and can include stalking. 1 in 3 women.

In 2011 in North Carolina, intimate partner violence accounted for 88 of 519 total homicides (17%), including more than half of all female homicides. In 2011-12, NC domestic violence service providers received over 84,000 calls for help. Domestic violence results in serious physical, emotional, and mental consequences and can cause significant, long-term harm to child witnesses. Furthermore, it results in substantial economic consequences. will be a victim of domestic violence during her lifetime. 




North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence 


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence