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 The goal of this project is growth.

Growth of individual, family, and community strengths;

Growth of the set of people and organizations working to prevent violence;

Growth of new partnerships ; and

Growth of the resources available to support this critical work.

The Key Strengths below are important to preventing all five of NC’s prioritized violence outcomes. Each strength encompasses a set of related risk and protective factors that have been shown to have a potential impact on child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, suicide, and youth violence. Each of these Key Strengths is critical to violence prevention and must be addressed as part of the prevention puzzle. Select one below to read more about how it can protect against all five prioritized forms of violence: child maltreatment, domestic violence, sexual violence, suicide, and youth violence.  

key strength hsed

key strength pcc

key strength pscsc

key strength cc

key strength eseo







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