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Resources: Community Connectedness

Assessment, Implementation, Evaluation Tools

Community Tool Box Identifying and Mapping Community Assets
Community assessment guide and tools

Community Tool Box Strategies for Community Change and Improvement
Community organizing guide and tools

CDC's Community Guide Model for Linking Social Environment to Health
Conceptual model, example interventions to build cohesion and collective efficacy

Neighborhood Association Toolkit from City of Providence, RI
Implementation guide

Neighborhood Leadership Toolkit from City of Henderson, NV
Implementation guide

Social Capital Building Toolkit - Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Sander & Lowney, 2006)
Implementation and evaluation guide

SCI Social Capital Inc. - Practical Ways to Build Social Capital in Communities
Resources and tools for social capital-building

Neighborhoods, USA
Example programs, neighborhood awards, regional conferences

Center for the Study of Social Policy "Making a Difference in Your Neighborhood"
Handbook for neighborhood improvement/engagement activities

Community Tool Box Implementing Photovoice in Your Community
Photovoice implementation guide

NC-specific data on social capital in three communities (Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro)
Data sources

Funding Sources